Become a partner

Become our white label partner and offer professional cloud services to your customers. G2 server is international cloud provider with over 10 years? experience in the sector of providing hosted cloud solutions and software as a service. We have a highly experienced team of engineers and consultants as well as many blue chip references that rely on us to deliver unparalleled service every day. By partnering with G2, you gain a highly experienced and capable extension to your organisations service delivery team. We offer a truly white labelled service with your organisations? brand name.

Who is our typical partner?

  • Telco operators ? telecommunication companies who offer internet services, traditional hosting and voice services and want offer a new service ? the cloud.
  • Software developers ? companies producing software which can be serviced from the cloud. Software developers usually bundle their software into the cost of our cloud for their clients.
  • IT integrators ? companies wishing to extend their capability beyond traditional on-premise solutions and maintenance.

What does our partnership include?

  • providing cloud services under your own brand name
  • wholesale cloud prices allowing you to make good margin without the additional costs of running your own infrastructure and cloud engineering team
  • if you have your own DC, a private cloud in your own DC which is built and operated by G2.
  • a complete and transparent pay per use pricing model
  • support your sales department via our own pre-sales team
  • marketing support to promote selling cloud technology
  • possibility to organize workshops together
  • free training courses for your employees
  • no upfront fees

The white label partnership allows you to maintain control of your customer whilst leveraging our cloud expertise. You enter into a contract directly with your customers. G2 bills you for the portfolio of clients you manage on a monthly basis (as you bill your clients). In the event of any large scale or well publicised projects, G2 will provide special bid pricing to assist you further in winning the deal. Our goal is to assist you in winning good profitable long term deals.

Please contact our sales department to discuss our partnership options and how we can help you grow your service revenue.