Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the most sophisticated solution for clients that wish to operate their virtual servers in a datacenter with the highest availability, flexibility and the highest data security. You no longer need to consider the specification of physical servers you need since within cloud hosting, you can change your server settings precisely according to your needs due to the virtualised nature. As a result, you retain more control and the total cost of ownership reduces significantly compared with hosting in house.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting service

  • No upfront investment costs and off balance sheet control
  • 99.99% to 99.9999 % SLA services available
  • High level of security with dedicated intrusion detection and firewalls
  • Optimization of operating costs
  • The highest availability in HA mode
  • Both Windows and Linux platform
  • Decrease costs of licensed software
  • Extremely high performance and reliability
  • Possibility of fully managed services

Cloud Hosting - The basics

HP brand servers

All servers within G2 cloud are HP branded servers which gives you the comfort of knowing we use a highly reliable and world class leading server to host your systems and data. They are fitted with extreme performance CPUs and huge amount of RAM. All servers are located diversely across our datacentres in Europe.

EMC storage

We use EMC storage as data stroage for cloud hosting. EMC is the absolute leader in storage networking. Data is stored and retrieved at the highest possible speeds whilst retaining the highest form of block storage security when doing so.

VMware virtualization

We used VMware technology for cloud hosting virtualization. VMware is considered as the best possible option for server virtualization in the industry and is used by all 100 of the Fortune 100 companies.

10Gbps connectivity

Connectivity is key when utilising cloud technology. Therefore we use only 10Gbps infrastructure for our cloud hosting connectivity with possibility of bursting to 100Gbps speed at peak periods.

99,99% SLA guaranteed

Because of redunancy of all elements, we can guarantee availability of 99,99% SLA. If this is not enough, we also provide our higher levels of availability up to 99.9999% called Geo Cloud.


Following our theme of using market leading technologies, we utilise Veeam cloud backup software to manage this element of the service. Owing to Veeam, you can be sure that your data are always correctly backed up.

Cloud Hosting - Technical details

Cloud Hosting - vCPU

vCPU are numbers of virtual processors, which are dedicated only to your cloud and they are not shared with other clients (unlike other public clouds) aggregation is 1:1. We use the most powerful Intel Xeon processors for virtualization.

Cloud Hosting - datacenters

All our cloud technologies are housed in professional datacenters with TIER3+ certification. Our datacenters are located in London (UK) and Prague (CZ). More information about our datacenters can be found here.

Cloud Hosting - vRAM

Every virtual server, as a part of cloud hosting, have guaranteed operating memory, which is dedicated only for your needs - with aggregation 1:1.

Cloud Hosting as a infrastructure rental

Cloud hosting (Infrastructure as a Service) - renting of infrastructure means to provide secure and suitable rack space for servers, power, environmental cooling, network connectivity, fire suppression, backup power in addition to the actual servers, software and management. The main benefit of cloud hosting (or in common cloud) is redundancy of all parts, which cloud consist from. In case of any failure of one server (caused by e.g. HW failure), a failover procedure will initiate to take over control from the primary system and ensure there is minimal or no service disruption. There are varying degrees of failover availale to suite the criticality and nature of the system required by the client.

High-level view of our Cloud Hosting interconnections

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting - Enquiry

Don't hesitate to send us your requirements. We can prepare bespoke solutions that fit your needs. We will propose a suitable configuration of cloud services to perfectly meet the requirements on price and performance.