Cloud Mail

Move your company's mail communication, calendars, contacts and tasks into the cloud. We offer two possible options - Microsoft Exchange and Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Both of these products are intended for professional work and collaboration in teams. Cloud Mail service is suitable for companies with only few employees and also for big companies.

Microsoft Exchange

Do you require effective communication and team collaboration with synchronization possibilities? Hosted Exchange server is the right e-mailing solution for you. It allows working with messages, sharing contacts and documents, organizing into folders, planning, assigning and checking tasks in teams. Exchange server provides you with unlimited access to your email, contacts, calendars or tasks using tablets, smartphones or any PC connnected to Internet.

Hostovaný Exchange

Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Do you require really professional solution for mail communication, sharing calendars, contacts and documents? But at the same time Microsoft Exchange is too expensive for you? Then Zimbra is the right solution for you. Zimbra is a comparable product for MS Exchange. Zimbra includes synchronization with MS Outlook and access from mobile devices as well. It is very quick, does not consume much data and owing to our cloud environment, it is also very safe.

Hosted Zimbra

Cloud Mail - Tentative inquiry

Don't hesitate to send us your requirements. We can prepare bespoke solutions that fit your needs. We will propose a suitable configuration of cloud services to perfectly meet the requirements on price and performance.