Cloud services

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing basically refers to physical servers which do not operate in customer's premises, but in a specialist building designed for housing servers called a datacentre. As a customer, any worries about the servers, power, connectivity and management are eliminated as well as any large capital purchases. Everything offered through cloud computing services are rented and therefore off the balance sheet. You can order cloud computing services online or through partners and G2 will handle everything related to deploying and managing your infrastrcuture. Although this is the simple explanation, there are a whole host of different technologies which are bound together to deliver this seemless service.

Cloud and technology

Cloud technology can be characterized by high availability and security. The only way to achieve this is to build redundancy into every element of infrastructure. In the case of a node failure of one of the switches, storage device or servers, another element of the same type will act as a failover. Therefore, downtime lasts only few seconds to minutes at most. Since some of these elements are fully redundant (meaning that in case of a failure, the failover will take over automatically), there will be no service interruption at all. This type of service is called high availability, abbreviated as HA.

What is cloud used for

Cloud is simply just a set of hardware infrastructure and base software to enable applications to be served to end users. Some of these applications will serve business internet sites, ERP systems, CRM, intranet or mail servers. Finally moving to a cloud delivery system enables business to adopt many different client devices including smartphones and tablets. Cloud should interest all customers that want to lower their IT costs and improve security and increase application availability collectively. This is the compelling argument to move servers to the cloud.

Infrastructure vs Software

Cloud computing covers two variants - the infrastructure or software

Infrastructure (IaaS) - we offer IaaS at G2 as Cloud hosting. This service is suitable for customers, who want to order virtual servers in the cloud and have an understanding of terms like vCPU, RAM and HDD. You can configure the server according to your needs and pay only for resources that you actually use. There are Windows and Linux operating sysyems available at your choice and also lots of other optional software (such as IIS/Apache, MSSQL/MySql/Oracle etc).

Software (SaaS)- we offer SaaS at G2 as Cloud Mail, Virtual Desktops and Software rental. These type of services are intended for customers who don't want to configure and manage a server and don't want to manage and setup the cloud resources or the cloud software. In this variant you just order number of mailboxes or number of virtual desktops you need and we will handle everything around - resources, licensing, backup, montioring. We are preparing more software to be available as SaaS. You can look forward to various ERP systems, internet solutions and CRM software.