Cloud Storage

Our Cloud Storage service is intended to provide safe backing up of your data into a datacenter. Within this service, you have safe backup space based on your demands at your disposal. All data is located outside of your office or company building. Data is accessible anytime through highly secure systems and can be downloaded at speed up to 10 Gbps.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage - backup

Technical background

All technical components of cloud storage service are placed in datacenters in Czech Republic, Slovakia or the UK. EMC storage units, which are the best in class storage systems are used for data storing and retreival. Therefore you can rest assured knowing all data will be safely and securely stored.

Replication as a backup

As an alternative to ordinary backups, G2 server offers the possibility to do a full replication of your whole data storage into our datacentre. This is particularly useful for clients wanting the the best in data integrity and the fasted restore times.

Supported protocols

Basic supported protocols for data transmitting are iSCSI / NFS / SMB / FTP / SFTP. You are also able to use cloud storage as an ordinary network attached disk or as an intelligent service with professional backup software included.

Veeam backup

With best in class backup software, Veeam, you have the assurity that your files will have 100% data integrity. Thanks to this technology you can be sure that your data is fully backed up and available to be restored correctly. All of this without need of installing any special agents into operating system.

Technical support and SLA

Availability of service is always guaranteed 99.9%. Technical support is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


All data centers are placed on a backbone network to the Internet and have basic bandwidth 1Gbps included in the price of service. Increasing of bandwidth up to 10 Gbps is possible.

Cloud Storage - Enquiry

Don't hesitate to send us your requirements. We can prepare bespoke solutions that fit your needs. We will propose a suitable configuration of cloud services to perfectly meet the requirements on price and performance.