Company history

  2004 Inception of Gigant GROUP s.r.o
  2004 (a Gigant GROUP company) – provides webhosting and domain services
  2005 hosts first 1000 domains and web hosting
  2005 starts offering managed and dedicated servers
  2006 Inception of Gigant PC - IT administration and outsourcing services
  2006 hosts 4000 domains and webhosting
  2007 Gigant PC offers long-term PC rental services
  2008 G2 server project starts – specializing at cloud servers, managed servers and dedicated servers
  2009 Gigant becomes partner with HP and all new servers are built on HP infrastructure
  2010 G2 server and celebrates more than 500 operating servers
  2010 Gigant PC celebrates 1000 rented PC devices
  2011 Gigant GROUP s.r.o. becomes Oracle partner, EMC partner, VMware partner
  2012 Gigant PC is sold to concentrate on growing G2 cloud services
  2012 Bleeding edge cloud environment with VMware virtualization, HP servers, EMC storage and 10Gbit network infrastructure is built
  2013 Gigant GROUP undertakes ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications
  2014 is sold to concentrate on rapidly expanding cloud services through G2 only.
  2014 Gigant GROUP embarks on international expansion