Disaster Recovery

Does your business dependent on IT? Then Disaster Recovery is should be something you either have in place or have planned. The possibility of fire, theft or damage to your infrastructure, out Disaster Recovery service will allow you to recover service utilising a backup and restore process held within your private cloud. You can then use these cloud technologies from the datacenter up until the servers and systems on site are recovered.

How Disaster Recovery works

All your data are backed up into virtual environment in datacenter using specially designed backup DR software which we provide. Consistency of data is checked - so you can be sure your data can be always restored. Along with that, a powerful cloud platform is available in the datacenter to service any applications and can be automatically restored in case of damage of your own servers. Our DR Cloud will restore your data from backup and will replace servers in your office. All services are up and running again within several minutes. When your servers are repaired, all services will be transitioned back to your servers again and DR cloud will revert to backing up as normal.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery for your cloud

Disaster Recovery can be used not only for your servers but also for your cloud located in datacenter. Perhaps you would like to use Geo Cloud to achieve higher availability but it is too expensive. In that case Disaster Recovery is a sutiable solution. Although it is not a fully-fledged 1:1 replacement, it is a temporary solution which is able to handle your standard operations.

Pay as you go

Within Disaster Recovery we provide you with storage for your backups, for which you pay a regular fee. When there is an issue on your IT and your services are made available from our cloud, we start charging you a fee for using cloud services. After your servers in office are repaired again, the cloud services are terminated. You pay only for cloud services utilised, based on time for which it was actually providing you service.

Disaster Recovery - Tentative inquiry

Don't hesitate to send us your requirements. We can prepare bespoke solutions that fit your needs. We will propose a suitable configuration of cloud services to perfectly meet the requirements on price and performance.