Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is ideal solution for customers that have built their own infrastructure, but wish to move part of their technology into a datacentre for security, business continuity and backup purposes. A hybrid cloud utilises both the on-premise customer servers with private cloud services to take advantage of cloud benefits. Internal IT resources can then configure the services between both locations to serve end users as the business requires. The amount of resource required will depend on the demands of the user base and the application intensity. The user base is unaffected by being served by two locations. In fact, a hybrid solution often increases the application availability by allowing access via new methods including mobile devices.

Who benefits from Hybrid cloud?

If you are considering migration of your technology into a cloud environment yet have many months lifespan remaining on your current hardware, hybrid cloud can offer you the solution to move some of your servers to our cloud management environment. This is a bespoke service offered by G2 to help with the transition to cloud and offer a staged approach to fully cloud serviced operations. We work with you to deliver this service with minimal impact to end-users.

You are using your own servers for development and testing of your applications and would like to use a cloud solution in datacentre as production environment? Hybrid cloud can connect your servers and cloud servers into one solution and you can manage them altogether from a single administration system (identical to having all servers side-by-side). All you need to decide is which systems you want to keep on premise and which to move into the cloud.

Hybrid cloud is ideal when servers at your premises don't have the resources you need, therefore require additional performance on a rental basis. Allocation of resources is done immediately and you don't need to wait for new servers to be delivered and deployed as this is done totally within the G2 cloud.

Using hybrid cloud it is possible to connect several datacentres. It's up to you to decide which part of performance or what applications will be serviced from Prague, Ostrava, Brno or London and what part/applications will be serviced from your own servers.

Connecting your on-premises servers with the cloud

Pictured is a basic schematic of how we connect your own IT (your servers at your premises) with cloud servers in the datacentre.

Sample cloud solution

Hybrid Cloud - Enquiry

Don't hesitate to send us your requirements. We can prepare bespoke solutions that fit your needs. We will propose a suitable configuration of cloud services to perfectly meet the requirements on price and performance.