Our datacenters

G2 server utilises 4 datacentres across the Czech Republic for our cloud services. Two datacentres are located in Prague, one in Brno and one in Ostrava and we have a fifth one planned for London in 2015. All datacentres fulfil the highest safety conditions and TIER 3+ certification standards.

High security and availability

  • All datacentres fulfil the highest standards required for TIER3+ certification
  • Datacentres operate diverse power with two permanently live high-voltage circuits from independent sub-stations.
  • In addition, UPS uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and DIESEL aggregates are available for total power outages
  • All rooms and racks are fully air-conditioned on N+1 basis
  • Premises are under manned security patrols 24x7x365
  • Premises are monitored using laser sensors and in case of fire and FM-200 inert gas fire extinguishers are used
  • Everything is guarded using video surveillance and recording is archived

Our datacentres utilise leading technologies across the Czech Republic. We are focused on operating a well maintained and stable infrastructure with planned outages having minimal or no effect on uses. As a result, we choose our datacentres to have the highest possible standard while maintaining a close proximity to our engineering team. All datacentres are built with raised floors, armoured doors, magnetic locks, video surveillance, movement sensors, temperature and humidity sensors and laser fire sensors.

The datacentre premises are protected by full time, manned security services. Our datacentres are capable of operation even in the unlikely event of flood. Also any longer term power outages are mitigated by diesel generators capable of 14 days continuous operation.

Fast internet and data circuits

  • Internet connectivity is fully redundant and is delivered using geographically diverse optical paths.
  • We use the safest backbone optical lines in Czech Republic, which are traced along gas pipelines ensuring greater safety and security off the back of public infrastructure
  • Total capacity of optical lines is up to 500Gbit
  • All datacentres are interconnected using redundant circuits
  • All of our backbone technologies are interconnected using 10Gbit, 40Gbit or 100Gbit ports
  • We offer MPLS lines and data circuits from your company to the datacentre, provided by various operators.
  • We have direct peering with NIX (CZ), SIX (SK), DE-CIX (DE), AMS-IX (NL), LINX (UK)

All datacentres are connected to ultra-fast internet backbones which are delivered using redundant optical paths. We have direct peering to the most important European peering centres, which provides further worldwide transit by TIER 1 operators. We can also provide data circuits or MPLS lines using optical or wireless paths operated by telco operators. Therefore we can directly connect your company with our datacentres allowing for faster and more secure connections. Our network can handle traffic up to hundreds of Gb/s. European connectivity for our cloud services is not limited for any amount of monthly traffic.

Security of cloud technologies

  • All servers are placed inside private datacentres and locked racks
  • All of our technologies are protected by firewalls which are maintained with the latest updates from the various vendors
  • We use active protection against DDOS attacks
  • All parts of our infrastructure are permanently monitored
  • We routinely perform proactive monitoring and checks
  • We maintain a true 24 x 7 x 365 active manned technical support desk
  • Our technical team includes highly experience IT veterans with many years’ experience in managing critical datacentre systems.

Our aim is to provide you with only the best in service and reliability. Within our organisation you will find certified professionals for servers, storage, networking, virtualization, operating systems, security and Microsoft licensing. We are here to help you design, build out and support your cloud infrastructure.

G2 server operates own monitoring platform which allows for greater flexibility and granular control of every element of infrastructure we support. We have invested heavily in this system which gives our clients further benefits by accessing all of the granular service monitors we enjoy. The systems allows for tailored notifications by e-mail or text message. We also offer a mobile app for access to the current state of your monitored systems.

View from one of our datacentres - DC Nagano Praha