SaaS services

Virtual desktops

This is a modern solution for your company's internal desktop management. We can replace your old computers with modern and economic devices (thin desktops). We will migrate the content from your local computers / servers into the cloud. You can then use thin desktops to connect to your computer which is serviced from the cloud, along with all the benefits including greater security, higher availability and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Software rental

Since you rent software (operating system and Office) using virtual desktops, it is likely that you will save on the costs of licenses throughout the year. As you only pay for the usage of systems when they are require, staff changes mean you have not over or under invested in software, which brings cost and time savings. Moreover in some cases, renting software is the only legal way to acquire certain products due to recent changes in licensing policies by Microsoft. Feel free to contact our certified licensing specialists for further help and guidance on software rental.