Virtual desktops

Virtual desktops (VDI) are economically attractive solution how to move all your IT into cloud and ensure maximum security and working comfort at same time. Virtual desktops bring you ability to work with your PC and douments on tablets or smartphones.

The basics - Virtual desktops

Virtual desktops

Why virtual desktops

Virtual desktops offer numerous benefits including an attractive low cost. Also using virtual desktops enables much easier deployment of new applications. At same time you improve security and your employees are not dependent on one PC or laptop. Another benefit is ability to access your data from not only from PC and notebook but also from tablet or phone.

Thin client

It is common to use cheap boxes (think clients) instead of expensive PC in corporates. These thin clients are intended just to connect you to your virtual desktop. Thin client has many benefits, e.g. saving energy - this box consumes approximately 5x less electric energy than classic computer.

Virtual notebook

Do you use classic notebook at work? You can still use it even with virtual desktops. All your data is located on your notebook which is then synchronized to cloud simutaneously. In case you lose your notebook or it is stolen, you will not lose any information. You can just take another notebook and your data can be re-synchronized back from cloud to any new machine.

Your computer inside a tablet and phone

Virtual desktops enable you to access your computer via any tablet or smartphone running iOS or Android. You can either connect to your full computer environment using a client application - you will see full desktop and all applications. Or you can run only selected virtual applications even when there is no special mobile version of this application.

Virtual dekstops - Enquiry

Don't hesitate to send us your requirements. We can prepare bespoke solutions that fit your needs. We will propose a suitable configuration of cloud services to perfectly meet the requirements on price and performance.